Dr. Janné Lomasky

Dr. Janné is sought after as a workshop leader and speaker in the community. Dr. Janné is a dynamic group leader. She uses techniques that are research-based such as cognitive-behavior therapy, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). Her approach is interactive and experiential. She uses her real-life experience, education in mind-body awareness, specialized training credentials, and exceptional intuitive ability to bring about positive change. Dr. Janné is a dynamic, charismatic, effective public speaker, therapist, coach, workshop leader, and creator.


Workshops vary in length and time. Participants commit to the entirety of the workshop. 1x week for a 1.5-hour session in a group setting.
Anger Management

This group works through twelve (12) modules. The group is an ongoing 10-Week class (1-hour 15-minute sessions per week). You will be educated on the differences between destructive anger and healthy anger, learn how the Primitive Brain and Evolved Brain fit into your anger management skills. You will be provided with invaluable coping strategies, techniques, and anger logs to successfully manage your anger. At the completion of the 10-weeks, you will be provided with a completion certificate for the course that is accepted by all of the Courts in the US and Canada.

Are you afraid your relationship is going to end?
Do you go to sleep angry?
Are you tired of the arguing, fighting, name-calling, and yelling matches?
Is there constant tension in your home?
Do you dread getting out of bed in the morning?
Do think your children are picking up on your relationship problems?
If you can relate to the above questions, now is the time to take action!

Here you will learn:

* Life-changing strategies to improve your relationship
* How to get what you want in your relationships
* The rules of arguing
* Effective communication styles
You will leave this 2-day weekend workshop with the tools in your hand for transforming your current and future relationships into healthy and fulfilling ones.
Sign up today. Space is limited. Help is on the way…
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Group Therapy

Group sessions vary in length and time. Participants are encouraged to join weekly sessions for continuity and cohesiveness. 1x week for a 1.5-hour session in a group setting.

Teen group (girls)

Join me for the first of my power movement group series for teen girls. In this group, I am empowering beautiful young minds to feel good about themselves and comfortable in their bodies. They will learn how to improve self-esteem/confidence in school, peer, and family settings; reduce anxiety, make healthy choices for themselves, and achieve goals. In this group, you will acquire life tools to communicate assertively, manage difficult emotions, effectively navigate social media, feel valuable, beautiful, and confident!

Guided Meditation and Mindfulness Group

TREAT YOURSELF TO THE MIND-BODY-SPIRIT GROUP TO: Quiet the Mind, Calm the Body, Nourish the Soul. Reduce Stress – Empowered – Receive Deep Healing Feel Inner Peace and Relaxation – Open up your heart for abundance and love.

Let’s Connect.
It’s Time To Lift Yourself Up.
YOU Deserve It.

Seize the opportunity now and take your first step to Mind Body Therapy.